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René Eriksen


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René Eriksen



René Eriksen

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My photo skills

Learn something new every day.

Self-taught photographer, all my pictures are taken in high resolution RAW format. Images with high contrast between light and shadow in the scene are taken with HDR / AEB and processed in Photomatix / Tonemapping.

I try mostly to get a realistic expression as possible in terms of color balance and contrast, once in a while I like to experiment with more exaggerated expressions.

I complete image processing in Photoshop with levels and curves for optimization of pixels.
All my pictures are stored as original photo (as taken) and high resolution digital processing.

Has begun to take photo with manual settings, white balance, aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

All rights reserved. © René Eriksen.

Please do not use my images without my written permission. Here are my conditions using my pictures:

  1. Please ask before using my photos and get a written permission.
  2. Writes with a fairly small font size at or below the image "Photo: René Eriksen"
  3. Set link on the picture to my sites of the photo.
  4. Sends a link to me with the finished result, so I can see where and how my images being used.